Saturday, March 13, 2021

Stop the Snow Mold this Spring!

 The Spring weather has begun! The sunshine is back, temperatures are warming up and the birds are singing! It makes you want to get out and rake up your yard, right?!

One of the best things you can do in the beginning of Spring is to clean-up your yard & get out in that sunshine! Grab your rake & help your lawn, while getting some exercise in also!

Take a good look at your lawn, look closely and spot the snow mold.

There is no more snow out there... so what is snow mold?

Snow mold is a fungal disease that appears after the snow melts off the lawn. It was a long winter, with alot of snow - a long time on our lawns. It's time for your grass to breathe!

Look for straw colored spots or areas where your lawn is matted. It could look like a cobweb in the grass. There is gray snow mold and even pink snow mold - but it's not pretty.

Snow mold can cause allergies & asthma attacks - so it's best to clean-up, rake and clear it up early in the season.

Gently rake areas to lift the mold and help the grass to dry out. There's been much snow and moisture sitting on your grass since the beginning of the year. Raking your lawn will also clean up excess leaves, branches and debris that Winter left behind. There's always plenty of that when the snow melts too!

If the snow mold sits on the lawn too long, it will begin to kill the grass and areas will die off. If this happens, the bare areas will need to be overseeded after your raking is completed.

Pick up a good quality soil & compost mix to scratch the bare areas and add the soil mix too. Overseed with a quality grass seed & make sure the areas are watered. Many times the Spring rains will give your lawn a great jump start for the season. An application of Milorganite organic fertilizer will also give your new & existing grass the nutrients it needs to take off into Spring!

Questions on snow mold or products to help your lawn become stronger this season? Give us a call at 262-677-3010 or stop in this Spring! We're here to help you enjoy your yard :)

What are you waiting for... the sun is out & your rake is calling! Have fun cleaning up your yard :)

Sheila Yoder, Horticultural Manager


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