Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pick a Plant Pick!

Around Christmastime the usual star performers appear on the scene… pretty poinsettias displaying red, ivory, pink or speckled bracts, with an occasional holly plant making an appearance.   Often a dramatic red amaryllis plant takes center stage.  But don’t exclude members of the supporting cast— your houseplants

Check the condition of each plant you are considering as a member of the supporting cast.  Only your best specimens should be exhibited with your holiday d├ęcor; they need just a little “holiday help” in order to perform well.   You might add a large bow for a pop of color.  My favorite inexpensive makeover is to pick a plant pick!  (You might already have a few plant picks tucked away with Christmas ornaments; they are easily reused from year to year.)  

If you choose to purchase new plant picks, they are readily available at floral gift shops and online.   Often plant picks are sold for under $10 each.

A wide variety of plant picks awaits you—each ready to sparkle and command attention when tucked into a potted plant.   Some picks feature glitter ribbon and other sparkly elements.  Some feature pine cones with red or green ribbons.  I even have a brown metal-art butterfly that makes a quick cameo appearance during the holiday season, by simply tucking it into an ordinary houseplant.

Plant picks vary in size from one to three feet tall.  Choose a pick that is proportionate to each potted plant; then find a special place in your home to exhibit those plants… separately or together, they will perform nicely for you!

Remember to water your plants occasionally during December… it’s easy to forget about them with all your extra activities this month.   Enjoy the Christmas season!

M. Lynn Schmid,   Certified Master Gardener
A.A.S. Landscape/Horticulture/Arboriculture